Wistful Indie Folk Rock from Chicago. - The Darling Suns: Better Off

Wistful Indie Folk Rock from Chicago. - The Darling Suns: Better Off

"Better Off," the latest single from indie rock band The Darling Suns, draws inspiration from their folk roots and the laid-back guitar-driven vibes of War on Drugs. Prominent strings and an organic rhythm section provide the backdrop for this defiant and powerful title track from their latest EP.

"Better Off" combines themes of loss and heartbreak with an upbeat feeling of personal acceptance. This dynamic track moves from a melancholic verse to a chorus that bursts with hard-won catharsis, and shows us how beautiful the dawn can be - sometimes sadness is the just the journey we needed. The Darling Suns deliver a lovelorn and lonely tribute to the ones left behind that is full of guitar hooks, lost memories, and the feeling that we are always stronger than we think.

I need you to know
I think it's better of this way
I start sleeping through the days
Just waiting
And my blinds are always closed
Think the neighbors probably know
But my eyes already show it

The Darling Suns formed in early 2017 and quickly built a following by opening many notable shows in the Chicagoland area. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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