With a tempting blend of smooth vocals, gorgeous melody, and acoustic folk, The Currys have created a beautiful ode to the reality of life. The half-truths, the fleeting moments, and the little compromises we make every day, somehow add up to this honest narrative about the daily grind, enveloped as it is in the trappings of jazz-rock and folk harmony.

The central message is of acceptance, and humility. The universal theme to any sort of awakening is the infinity of existence itself.

Then I learned I was nothing; a rock on the shore.

Once we understand the purity of our own experience, we are able to let ourselves go, and join the dance of life. Jose, the latest single from The Currys, is a celebration of the magic and impermanence that lives inside each moment.

All you’ve done and all you’ve been, won’t ever get it back again

The third studio album by indie outfit The Currys consists of melodic folk rock built on three-part family harmonies and insightful lyricism. This song is featured on our Lost Treasure - Indie Rock playlist.