With a combination of pure acoustic string power, sharp dynamics, and prominent vocal harmony, The Crescent Sky build a rich tapestry of folk-tinged melody and bluegrass energy, combined with a sense of youthful optimism. The connection between the percussive groove and the choppy 8th-note strum from the acoustic guitar creates a beautiful framework for the down-verse, and the up-chorus.

Adding in the gorgeous synergy between the multiple lead vocals, and the palpable sense of self-affirmation, we find a passionate and melodic paean to the moment we decide to be truly on our own. The first step: letting go of the past.

Holding on to memories I’ve had since I was young; waving down the taxis, they leave me one by one

Steady, the latest from Vancouver’s The Crescent Sky, is a rich, collective effort from 4 talented vocalists that joins the rugged vocal-power of the American folk canon with a pop-friendly production sense.

- photo credit: Anna Ratzlaff

The Crescent Sky is a vocally-driven four-part indie-rock band from British Columbia. This song is featured on our Americana playlist.