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Folk Pop / USA

Dreamy Folk Pop from NYC - The Bergamot: One Mile

. 1 min read . Written by Krister Axel
Dreamy Folk Pop from NYC - The Bergamot: One Mile

In a time that is scarred by division and fear, The Bergamot has composed a track that hopes to restore a sense of empathy in the human heart. This dreamy folk-pop production blends a wistful look at the past with a determined ambition for the future, and illustrates the main theme that unity starts within one mile of where you live.

Because we have built these walls of division and hate, we have the ability to tear them down. As the U.S. staggers towards the election cycle of 2020, One Mile begins to lay the groundwork for The Bergamot’s upcoming documentary The State of the Unity, which was filmed in all 50 states, over 50,000 miles, in 2016. With a resounding message of solidarity that reaches across political and cultural divides, this animated music video is a poignant and endearing reminder that beauty is wherever we look for it.

It is never too late to come together.

One Mile was written by Nathaniel Paul Hoff and produced and engineered by Matt Wiggins. This song is featured on our Americana playlist.