The Arcadian Wild - Wander. Wonder.

The Arcadian Wild - Wander. Wonder.

With some mandolin and a simple duet, this song starts out very unassuming, until you realize how developed that melody will soon become. The trio sound comes together magnificently and the dynamics of that acoustic guitar complement the deep bell notes of the double bass. Soon the raw musicianship of the performance and the chemistry between the different vocals, the stereo image of all that is going on, is enough to hold you in its clutches.

The energy of that acoustic guitar becomes manic, the harmonies soar, the fiddle, the fingerpicking, the room gets crowded, and then it stops. And again. It a gorgeous delivery of a roller-coaster of a song, where the peaks and valleys are all melody and frets, strings and wood and breath.

The Arcadian Wild is an indie folk trio from Nashville, Tennessee.


Krister Axel

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