We have covered Teddi Gold before: her fresh take on dance-pop joins a hooky sense of melody with a serious club beat. On her latest single Cash, the swirling synth-bass, the urgent kick drum, and the layers of vocal harmony all work together to underscore the gravity of the message.

We are doing it wrong, and Teddi Gold is here to put a spotlight on the absurdity of the modern, social pressure towards having a 'hustle', and the sense of competition that comes along with it. A strong sense of bringing opposites together informs this track, as the upbeat production contrasts with the dark reality of moral concession in a world where cash is the only viable form of expression. Did we abandon a generation to the ravages of a ruthless free market, in the name of progress? Cash, the latest from Teddi Gold, is a surprisingly cheerful track about the reality of what it takes to put those dollars in the bank.

Teddi Gold says of the track: I wanted it to feel like we are all this together and we are going to make a difference and shake things up.

This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.