We have a growing collection of playlists that cover: Country, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Folk Pop, Dance, Electronic, and our most common - Indie Rock.

. Dance

Deep Dance - Retro Funk, Electro Pop, World, Commercial, EDM

Deep Dance is anything that makes you want to move: dance pop, indie electronic, and uptempo funk.
. Instrumental

Be Still My Beating Heart. - Ambient Instrumentals, Downtempo, & Electro Pop

Carefully curated by CHILLFILTR, this is a collection of soothing instrumentals for relaxation, along with some chill vibe-y pop songs. Great for a lazy afternoon or just finding personal stillness. Visit to learn how to be featured on this playlist.
. Electronic


Roots rock, indie electro, synth pop, and Americana.
. Hip Hop

Conscious Hip Hop

LOOKING AT THE SKY. Aiming for that high place. Some old school, some new school.
. Indie Rock

Songlistr Lost Treasure - Indie Rock, Alternative, Americana

These are the gems that have not been found yet. Featuring a modern mix of Indie Rock, Folk Rock, Alternative Rock, and Americana. New songs only.
. Indie Rock

Songlistr Hi Energy - Rock, Roots, Punk

High Energy Rock from the last few decades.
. Roots

Songlistr Country - Rock, Pop, Americana

Country rock, folk, and anything with that southern swagger.
. Folk Pop

Perfect Rainy Day Soundtrack

Rain rain go away... Or just celebrate the melancholy. Sad is the new happy.
. Soul

Lost Treasure - Soul

It's about heart, it's about style, it's about love, and it's about sex.
. Hip Hop

Instrumental - Trip Hop, Contemporary Jazz, Downtempo

A mix of Hip Hop, Ambient, Downtempo, and Jazz-influenced tracks.
. Instrumental

Hypnotic Meditation - Ambient, Instrumental

90 minutes of soothing, ambient, meticulously-curated acoustic and indie electronic with a kicker at the end.
. Dance

Groovy Summer - Ambient, Downtempo, Dubstep, Trip-Hop, Indie Rock

A mix of modern electronic genres and the occasional throwback for reference.