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NOTE: This is the last contest of the year. Submissions will close October 31, and will open again until the new year. We are rolling out a new version of the site!

The CHILLFILTR song contest is now open. There are now two stages.

But first: if you definitely want feedback, SubmitHub is the way to go.

The form below is the only way to send in a song for the Weekly Song Contest. Twitter and Instagram mentions are pulled automatically, so please include one or both of those if you want to be tagged.

Stage 1: voting via a contest page, listed here. Voting rounds will now last two weeks.

Stage 2: after 2 weeks, a 1-hour playlist will be created of the top songs. The number of stage 2 contestants will vary between 10 and 20 (according to how many songs it takes to fill up the hour), ordered by number of 'claps.' At noon on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, your supporters will be able to vote for your song as it airs on CHILLFILTR Radio. They will simply click on the thumbs up while the track is playing. Downvotes will not be counted.

Supporters will be able to vote for their song as it airs by clicking the thumbs up.

There are two main reasons for the new rules: 1, it will encourage contestants and fans to listen to the rest of the entries; and 2, it will allow artists with fewer fans to still have a chance to win. You might only need a handful of claps to get to stage 2, and the votes that you get in stage 2 will carry more weight. The contest is designed so that an artist with a smaller number of dedicated fans can still be very competitive against artists with a larger following.

As always, winners will get a blog post, a playlist spot, and an Instagram shout-out. And there is no fee to enter.

All artists will be notified via email of their status as the contest progresses.

About Donations

I cannot give any special consideration for donations. That being said, if you want to support what we do, click through below.


Finally, click here if you would like to submit your song directly to CHILLFILTR Radio and bypass the contest entirely. You will be notified only if your song is put into rotation.