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UPDATE: Submissions are currently closed. We will accept tracks for the weekly contest again starting Tuesday, August 25th.

(See below to submit your track for CHILLFILTR Radio only).

Music submissions will be considered for a blog post, a playlist add, and promo video feature on IG. Submissions with a file attachment will also be considered for inclusion on a mixtape and internet radio.

If you definitely want feedback, SubmitHub is the way to go.

Starting May of 2020, this is the only way to send in a song for the Weekly Song Contest. Twitter and Instagram mentions are pulled automatically, so please include one or both of those if you want to be tagged.


We sync to Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, YouTube Music, and Deezer (where available).

Any funds that are are donated are used primarily for promotion on Instagram and Google Search to keep those new listeners rolling in. If your song is included, please share and tag @CHILLFILTR on IG and Twitter to show your support.


If you do send in a contribution, be sure to let us know in the form below, and please include the title of the song in the PayPal/Venmo note section (this is very important). I will listen to everything eventually, but anything sent over with a payment will go to the front of the line.

Krister Axel
Venmoing since Feb 2020.

Via PayPal.

WEEKLY CONTEST SUBMISSIONS OPEN AGAIN Tuesday, August 25 If you want us to feature your track on CHILLFILTR Radio, you may upload it below.