The first impression here, especially over the bridge, is of a young Paul Simon, blending sweetly innocent-sounding harmonies with seething jazz overtones, all the while staying within reach of the acoustic guitar, and the primacy of that fingerpicking. It is as if the melody is alive, weaving counterpoint with the elements of language themselves, and fading in and out of sight.

There is a subtle and delicious backdrop of embellishment: acoustic piano, some soft pads, percussive elements; but the bulk of the work done here to build the hook comes from the vocal performance, and the handshake between lyrical authenticity and melodic delicacy. We find a perfect balance between flourish, purity of tone, and emotional honesty.

There was nobody there, you were all alone

Yellow and Green, the latest solo release from Burlap to Cashmere’s Steven Delopoulos, is an enticing trip on a cool river to the zen-like confluence of folk, jazz, and electronica.

Steven Delopoulos always finds that rare creative connection between the human condition and spiritual transcendence. What sets him apart is his Greek ancestry, which informs a unique and melodic vocal flavor. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.