Steve Savage is a singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee who released "If You Love Someone," his 5th full length album, earlier this month. Savage's core inspirations are based in folk and acoustic music, and "Keep Quiet" features a combination of roots and chamber pop that might remind listeners of Peter Bradley Adams.

This soothing and vibrant track was inspired by a chance meeting that triggered a series of personal contemplations, resulting in the spark of a new life, and the revelation that we are never too old to feel young again. With a dynamic and emotional arrangement that explores the inspiring power of vulnerability, and a vocal performance that feels both understated and delicate, Steve Savage delivers a masterpiece of plaintive, spiritual communion. "Keep Quiet" celebrates the beautiful moments that are left alone, so that they may remain pure.

I miss your mouth so much I cannot sleep
Your absence here
It brings me to my knees

This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.

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