Introducing MTV Push FIRST Indie Pop Artist from Minnesota. - somegirlnamedanna: hello i am

Introducing MTV Push FIRST Indie Pop Artist from Minnesota. - somegirlnamedanna: hello i am

somegirlnamedanna has been chosen as the inaugural artist for the new MTV Push: FIRST series, which will focus its global spotlight on a curated selection of exceptional new artists that are at the start of their careers. The series will also include customized short-form content that features the artist across all MTV platforms.

Born and raised in a remote area of Minnesota, somegirlnamedanna's imagination flourished without television or social media. An antique grand piano in the living room called to her as she repeated melodies and jingles from the radio by ear as a young child. Balancing college and bartending four nights a week, somegirlnamedanna spent countless hours in the studio writing and recording demos, as well as developing her voice. After one listen to these early demos, LAVA Founder Jason Flom personally signed her in 2019. "hello i am" is available now via LAVA/Republic Records. This sparse, inviting track stacks layers of vocoder behind an organic lead vocal, and doubles as an introduction to the heart-forward sound of somegirlnamedanna. With a confessional twist to her lyrics, she confronts the listener with an unapologetic sense of honesty. In under 2 minutes, we understand how it feels to be a young creative in the modern landscape, as somegirlnamedanna fights against listless broadcast media and the forces of cultural expectation with a unique sense of humor and a bottomless sense of hope.

You want to know who I am?
I'm just some girl
With blood on my hands
From trying to love the world

This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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