The directness of the message here is refreshing. A dark and slightly industrial sound informs the nuanced swing from the electronic drum-pocket, and a captivating vocal performance creates a polarity between self-truth and the persona that results from a destructive relationship.

It is as if the darkness itself has turned into comfort. Habit is a powerful force for perpetual self-sabotage.

There’s no escaping this familiar force intent to drag us under

This haunting personal testimony will resonate with the part of you that has never felt good enough. Forces, the latest from Small Hours, is a penetrating look at the mental cages we build for ourselves, that over time can start feeling like home.

Formed in the elasticated moments of a post-rave epiphany, duo Alex Mills and Alex Patten go by the name of Small Hours. They explore the state between hypnosis and conscious-thought, uninterrupted by the everyday pressures of ego and stress. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.