With an endearing lead vocal that might remind you of Del Amitri, UK indie-rock 4-piece band Skinny Living drops Let Go, a summery rock number about finding freedom, even as we examine the current state of affairs. What are we holding on to - and what happens next?

This is heady stuff, perfectly delivered as an uptempo strum-fest, joining the familiar sound of an 8th-note chop on the acoustic guitar with hints of a swing-groove, and a dynamic lift from the open verse to a washy chorus. But the true core of this soon-to-be pop hit is the message: it is as if we are talking every self-incriminating soul off the cliff of life itself, retreating into the warm infinity of youth from the dark future of a stressed-out mind. The unknown can be beautiful - and so can losing someone - if we are open to an uncertain fate. Let Go, the latest from Skinny Living, is a hand to hold as we face tomorrow.

Is there a sound when a heart breaks? Can you work out the time it takes to mend it?

This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.