With a knack for groovy jungle-pop that might remind you of Sofi Tukker, LA trio Skinny Beats drops a burning electronic pocket with plenty of synth, djembe, cowbell, and funky guitar. All Eyes on Me is a deeply rhythmic concoction that combines the energy of a roller-disco with the sample-driven flow of a house-party DJ.

From break, to build, to drop, the vibe here is all about the need to let your body move. All Eyes on Me elevates a driving quarter-note pulse, and the counterpoint between riff figures over that sweet pocket is everything. This 4-on-the-floor is the perfect summer anthem for sweating on the dance floor.

Let’s cruise to ride. That walk, that talk, that thing I do. You love that thing I do.

LA based electro-pop trio, Skinny Beats is all attitude, sass, and good times. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.