Sister. is an indie folk group based in Brooklyn, comprised of singer-songwriters Hannah Pruzinsky and Ceciliana Sturman. Inspired by a question Ceci sent over Facebook Messenger to Hannah in 2013, "Internet Baby" explores intimacy and technology, and the way that relationships can grow and distort over time.

Sister. constructs a dynamic portrait of the female experience with every song, while bringing together elements of poetry, a gorgeous vocal harmony, and a wide range of dynamic expression. The delicately-assembled melodies of this song's verses give way to an aggressive finish, as the vocal performance grows ever more restless, and the impatient energy continues to build. Pruzinsky and Sturman turn a deep need for connection into a demand for attention, evolving their instinct for ethereal style into a caricature of the internet as the infinite nexus of human benevolence that it can never be. With thought-provoking lyrics and an irreverent sonic aesthetic, Sister. injects raw creativity into a simple moment of willful romantic subjugation, and the result is both visceral and unexpected.

This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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