Simple joy and the love of music joins here, as does a playful sense of taking life as it comes. From this lively soul-inspired hip-hop we find a positive messaging, and a general feel-good vibe, that can be like soup for a hungry soul.

Showing Off, the latest from Chicago’s Sir the Baptist, features Kierra Sheard, NotKarltonBanks, Donald Lawrence & Krystal Lee, who all contribute their unique talents and achieve a synergy of rhapsodic glee while bringing a modern freshness to the evolving genre of gospel music. The energy is both happy and fun, and this song stands as a testament to the life that is available when God, music, and love intertwine.

This gleeful and complex new single from Sir the Baptist demonstrates an inclusive sense of community and a pureness of expression that is both rich and inviting.

Sir William James the Baptist is a second generation Chaplain of the modern believer’s culture. Sir is on a fast track to becoming one of the biggest voices to emerge from the Baptist/Christian scene. This song is featured on our Hip Hop playlist.