Sierra Blanca is the Nashville-based brainchild of Jethro Gaglione, who got his musical start playing under a tent in Mexico as a part of his parents' traveling missionary group. His new single 'All You Get' brings together the personal angst of solitude with an artistic instinct for self-preservation.

With an indie-pop sound that retains a trace of the Mexican gospel music he heard as a kid, a prominent figure on the electric guitar joins with the catharsis of personal empowerment that comes with true self-honesty. A laid-back feel from the band leaves room for introspection, as we discover the hard lesson that joy in life must be earned. All You Get, the latest from Sierra Blanca, joins a beautiful melodic hook with the instinct for improvisation as a remedy for solitude, and serves up a pop-flavored indie-rock track perfect for fans of Hazlett.

This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.