With her new single I Only Hate You Cause I Love You, Australian pop artist Shirina exposes her vulnerable side, owning the mercurial parts that play out in a live-action romance. With a simple hook on the electric guitar, backed by some downtempo beats, she delivers a gorgeous vocal performance that is equal parts honesty and wildflower honey.

It is hard to love someone, and even harder to be loved. The production aesthetic here lives in the electro pop realm next to artists like SYML, Teddi Gold, and More Giraffes. This track will certainly build on Shirina's reputation for gorgeous melody and sharp writing, with the focus here on a final analysis of what can be learned from having your heart broken to pieces.

I wanna call you
I wanna know the truth

Shirina is a young singer/songwriter from Sydney. This song is featured on our Chill Angeles playlist.