When you talk to the sisters of SHEL about their journey as a band, and a family, their belief in grace as a foundation for meaningful relationship becomes clear. "There's a code of love that preserves our purpose," says Eva, lead singer and mandolinist of SHEL. You can feel this in the colorful sound and imagery of "Rainbow" - a soft, but powerful anthem that invites us to embrace unity in the midst of fear.

In some regions of India, when a woman becomes a widow, she becomes a "bad omen," shunned by friends and family. In fact, Vrindavan, India is home to more than 20,000 abandoned and destitute widows who live in forced exile. But thanks to locally-run centers like Hope Springz, these women are given a chance to support themselves by making jewelry, and SHEL wants to help the women of Hope Springz by telling the world about them. Sisters Sarah, Hannah, Eva, and Liza Holbrook hope their partnership with Hope Springz will make a lasting impact. As these sisters from Fort Collins, Colorado found the strength to come to terms with their own struggles with depression, they discovered a sense of inspiration and a meaningful theme for their latest work.

"So many people suffer from a sense of despair today, it’s like an epidemic." Says Sarah, the violinist of the band. "In a quest for answers to our own depression, we started having these emotional breakthroughs that turned into mantras, and then into songs for Wild Child."

The sisters of SHEL invite you to embrace your own vulnerability, and find strength and purpose in the task of lifting up our fellow humans. A gorgeous music video explores the fragile beauty of personal connection, and illustrates the simple fact that compassion is as universal as the color of a blue sky.

I wanna show the world what could be
When you hold your hand out to what you thought was an enemy
If we listen until we hear each voice
There’s a beautiful harmony in all this noise

This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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