Modern Electronic Jazz Fusion from Germany. - Sepalot: Ride In Joy

Modern Electronic Jazz Fusion from Germany. - Sepalot: Ride In Joy

The Sepalot Quartet is a musical project from Germany that presents a relaxed combination of jazz and electronic soul, served behind a steady hip hop groove. "Ride In Joy" presents a dance-friendly collaboration with Angela Aux, Mathias Lindermayr, Fabian Füss, and Adriano.

Based on a metaphor about the stylistic risks that you take when working between genres, "Ride In Joy" delivers a fresh, rhythmic mix of electric piano, organic drums, and jazz trumpet. This mix of disparate music elements can be taken as a sign of our times - with the sound of vinyl scratching, vocal sampling, and groovy indie rock mixing effortlessly together. "NOWNEXT," the album that features "Ride In Joy," is the second album from the Sepalot Quartet, and represents a fusion of musical sensibilities, offering a fascinating and confident blend of varied sounds that spans time and space. This futuristic and eclectic ensemble pushes the boundaries of what can happen when a timeless, jazz-forward vibe comes together with a modern electronic sound.

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