Ambient Piano Instrumental from Norway. - Selsom: Folge

Ambient Piano Instrumental from Norway. - Selsom: Folge

Selsom is the composer alias of songwriter and producer Stian Vedøy. His childhood was spent on a windswept island in Norway, where he took piano lessons from an early age. Having spent most of his adult years supporting indie folk-pop project Firewoodisland, he has now decided that it is time create an outlet for his piano-led compositions.

The Norwegian language has over 100 words for snow. "Folge" (pronounced Foll-ge) is the thin, surface-layer of snow, that is often found glistening in the morning sunlight. This ethereal composition is a simple piece, written for piano, complemented with hints of atmospheric, organic-sounding synth. The slow progression of chords leads to a gorgeous, understated melody, and maintains an introspective sense of anticipation throughout the track. This ambient flow of sonic nuance creates an inviting landscape for you to relax, focus, or sleep.

"Folge" is the first piece of Selsom's journey into neo-classical / minimalist electronic music. This song is featured on our Ambient playlist.

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