I love me some Moment right now, not gonna lie. I just got the latest neck-strap thing, and it is my new jam. Aww, yeah.

Strap on your smartphone so you never have to worry about dropping it.

Shown here with telephoto lens. The lenses are a bit heavy, so it is a really nice feeling to have that strap around your neck. The camera case is solid so the phone is safe, but the lens is obviously vulnerable to a drop without it.

The shot below was taken with that same telephoto lens.

Moment case w/ Telephoto lens for Pixel 3

Let's be totally clear - you can use a Pixel, you can use an iPhone (or Galaxy, or One Plus) - it doesn't matter. You will get great results with a tiny footprint that will help you stay agile, and a little bit stealthy. The lenses are interchangeable, and although I like the telephoto very much, I suggest starting with the wide angle. It is really fantastic if you are looking for shots with big depth of field, and it just feels like a natural place to start.

You just twist the lens a quarter turn into the custom case, and that's it: deceptively simple, but also really powerful. Moment got started a few years ago as a Kickstarter project, and is now quickly cornering this new market for phonetographers, and phonetography. This exciting new technology is enabling a whole new market for lenses, where an anamorphic lens used to cost thousands of dollars. Now you can have one for just over $100. What a world.