With a creative use of samples, some fun 80’s-vibe drum sounds, and a strong tenor lead vocal that delivers a beautiful hook about appreciating your lover, Saw Tooth Wave releases Take Care of Me: an indie-rock single covered in throwback sensibility, referencing bands like Guided By Voices and Tame Impala.

It’s an interesting point, to realize that we collectively achieved a certain pinnacle of style in the 80’s. Yes, we may regret some of the more outlandish fashion decisions - but beyond that, I’m seeing the crux of 80’s pop holding its own against the remnants of hard core, the massive influx of rap culture, and the balkanization of EDM. Maybe that’s because electronic music has its roots in the same late 20th century explosion of technology that informed 80’s pop: the sequencers, the line effects, and most of all the reverb, were all new, not even 40 years after Alan Blumlein finished inventing the stereo image.

So one generation comes up with the technology; the next, invents the sound; and now we are a generation after, and we just like to mix everything up. The layers of effect, the bubbly electric bass, and most of all that direct sense of melody make this the perfect anthem to a healthy relationship.

Saw Tooth Wave is the project of Los Angeles based musician Cris Cordero. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.