On the bouncy side of electro-pop, and with her velvet-smooth lead vocal, Savannah Sgro presents another single, this one produced and mixed by Johnny Simmen from Warner Chappel. Love Me Like You Used To is a lay-it-on-the-line callout for a love that used to be worth something, a love that has reached the final stages of being tenable.

It’s important to understand the role we play in creating our world, but it is also a critical skill to understand the concept of emotional evolution. Sometimes, we just grow apart.

“I’m getting used to falling asleep back-to-back
always mad, guess it’s come to that”— Savannah Sgro

You get the feeling that it doesn’t have to be over, it’s just that it is: the actual ending is sometimes much easier than the thought of it. Savannah Sgro owns the finality of a tough breakup, and turns to a gorgeous melody for personal solace.

Savannah Sgro is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. So, obviously, this song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.