This review was originally published in March of 2018.

This is a song about the ownership of our own world, which is the first step towards progress. This song feels like an anthem for self-discovery. The production starts out sparse, with a focus on the voice and the folk message of personal empowerment.

I think the lyrics here are really strong and feel natural:

“love sparks the best in us
you can heal you have to trust
accepting destiny is hard, for real”— Samuel J

As the song progresses the elements build to an electronic climax that lines up with the purification. Samuel J, with his song Embrace, gives us a blueprint for getting woke. Lean on each other, we make better sense together.

That feels like the message right now - in this country and in this world. We can never heal if we don't embrace what is and start from a place of possibility.

Samuel J is based in Santa Monica, CA, and he believes in the unifying power of music.