Samica is a first-generation Indian American who speaks fluent English and Hindi, and was raised on a healthy mix of traditional Indian music and west coast top 40, R&B, and hip hop.  After learning guitar at a young age, she began to write her own songs and quickly realized there were no mainstream artists who looked like her, or came from the same background as her.

Samica became immediately determined to change that. Since then, she has built a loyal fan-base on Instagram, and now locks in her sound as a singer-songwriter in the alternative/R&B space with the release of her first original single, "Alright," which marks a new chapter for her exciting sound. A sultry vocal delivery complements the subtle swing of this emotional tell-all, while a sizzling synth-bass track rounds out the low end.  This groovy mix of temptation and regret is perfect for fans of SZA, and is a perfect introduction to the talents of this San Francisco native.

This song is featured on our Soul playlist.

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