This review was originally published in March of 2018.

This is a marching song, but with fantastic orchestral elements, complete with a very symphonic drum sound. I can almost see the kit behind the deep field of strings and the clarinet line. And the voice is pure shamanism. Like this girl needs to call it out next time they burn the man in Black Rock City. And then someone needs to film the crowd reaction.

But beyond the trick of having a falsetto she can tease down into her throat which before now is a thing I've only heard Bob Marley do, she can write. I love the production, the harmonies are sparse and well done, and the tonal quality of her voice is almost percussive in it's attack.

Sabiyha’s forthcoming EP, ‘Hollow Bones’, is certain to mark an impressive turning point for the singer. Up until now it's just been demos. She is at her best right now with the support of producer Andrew David James.