Reed Gaines is an up-and-coming songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. "Eventually," his latest release, was written and produced in collaboration with fellow indie artists Sabel and Daniel Lerner. This melancholic indie-pop ballad features a gorgeous and haunting vocal performance alongside a sparse, acoustic drum groove and an inviting series of guitar hooks.

The lyrics focus on the singer - Sabel - as she describes a night in her life, as the track explores a feeling of isolation that can form in the shadow of a long weekend, without a steady heart to lean on and with a little too much time for introspection. Taking their inspiration from artists such as Harry Styles, Lewis Del Mar, Billie Eilish, and Bleachers, this group of young pop luminaries has pinpointed the moment of desperation and loss of hope that can find you in the small hours, when the sleep won't come and the world just feels dark. This ode to nonchalance and emotional disconnection is perfect for anyone that finds sadness in surprising places. By merging traditional sounds with unorthodox electronic textures, Reed Gaines and his collaborators build a melodic, half-desolate progression that somehow finds a way to leave you with a warm sense of hope.

This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.

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