Indie Rock Funk. - Ryan Egan: Who Is It?

Who is it, that inhabits us?

Indie Rock Funk. - Ryan Egan: Who Is It?

With a connection to progressive rock, hip-hop, and straight indie-pop, the mix here is refreshing and light. A beautifully intervallic bass performance and a short, rhythmic figure gives this groove a sense of immediacy, along with a distinct lack of reverb and some pillowy harmony.

The result is a funky dream-state, which is hypnotic in the way that it pierces one’s innermost thoughts. Instead of self-incrimination, the theme here is of pure and effortless flow, and finding that childlike curiosity for life which is the key to a meaningful existence.

I get myself together; I rarely feel at home

The question remains - who is it, that inhabits us? Why is it so hard to be comfortable in our own skin? New York’s Ryan Egan drops a little swing into the philosophical space between indie-rock and everyday life with his new track Who Is It?

Who is it that dances free out of this prison

How can we let go of our literal or imaginary chains and allow ourselves to evolve into the best versions of ourselves? It's about this journey towards personal freedom. The song was written & produced by Ryan Egan in his NYC home studio and is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.


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