What started as a playful moment singing lyrics from Dominic Fike's massive 2018 hit over a brand new beat, quickly became the inspiration for an impromptu track-makeover. This collaboration between rx Soul and Elijah Hill brings new fire to the original 300-million-streaming single, replacing the original laid-back groove with a heavier kick-drum pulse and an electronic, altered-vocal melody.

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, rx Soul has been fascinated with storytelling from a young age - what began as a knack for drawing short storybooks on the living room floor with his father evolved over the years into a strong desire to create whole-worlds out of music and sound. In college, he dove into music production, striving to perfect his skills as a producer for local rappers when he wasn’t working on his own music. It was also around this time that he experienced a close call with death at the peak of Tucson’s Mount Lemmon, which he calls "an experience of true, animal fear." This change marked the beginning of his identity as rx Soul. After dropping collaborations with Zomboy and Bear Grillz, he returns with another synergistic partnership, this time with St. Paul, Minnesota emo-dance prodigy Elijah Hill. The result is a sticky electro-pop jam that feels both contemplative and dance-floor ready as a worthy extension of the radio-friendly original.

This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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