Fresh Indie Rock. - Run River North: Rearview

A bouncy reminiscence about the childhood love that got away. -photo credit: Stephen Yonsik Lee

Fresh Indie Rock. - Run River North: Rearview

A co-lead vocal-split between Alex and Sally lends a dynamism to the mix that feels both fresh and genuine. With mid-tempo energy and a sense of wistful retrospection, Rearview explores the power of hindsight, and taps into the sense of regret that comes with once having been young and in love.

At a certain point in life, everyone’s motives seem perfectly clear; only later do we see that struggle is a universal constant, and as we attempt to keep up appearances, we often leave out the most important truth. In love, facts are hard to come by.

I know it's hard to believe but I swear I’m broken too

We lose our affinity with the idea that celebrating who we are is the only thing that matters, because that is how we find a real connection to someone else. By the end of this endearing track, we have a beautiful juxtaposition of the evergreen love-that-could-have-been, with a permanent sense that something is missing.

I’m gonna get you back any moment now

Mixing elements of indie-rock and electro-pop with a powerfully melodic chorus, Nettwerk Records artist Run River North delivers a bouncy reminiscence about the childhood love that got away.

Working with producer Lars Stalfors, Run River North left behind its familiar folksy roots to craft an ambitious rock album. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

photo credit: Stephen Yonsik Lee


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