Los Angeles Indie Rock. - Run River North: Casina

In the casino, we are all destined to lose.

Los Angeles Indie Rock. - Run River North: Casina

Los Angeles trio Run River North’s new EP Monsters Calling Home, Vol. 1 is out now. Casina, their latest single, is a reality-check for anyone who still believes in luck. Newsflash: the house is rigged.

Trapped as we are in this world together, we need artist-observers like Run River North to show us the parts of ourselves that we can’t see on our own. This stew of choppy electric guitar and electronic ephemera is a gritty explication of the life-is-a-game premise, and brings a sense of throwaway to the predicament we find ourselves in. In that moment that we are struggling, we get a look at where the mixed messaging is coming from.

Casina, the latest from Run River North, is a driving groove with a slick synth-bass and a smooth duet, that both celebrates and takes the edge off of the fact that in the casino, we are all destined to lose.

I get lonely, but never alone

Run River North first formed several years back, under the moniker Monsters Calling Home. The trio consists of Alex Hwang, Daniel Chae and Sally Kang. This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.


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