Robert Connely Farr & the Rebeltone Boys - Just Jive

Robert Connely Farr & the Rebeltone Boys - Just Jive

This post was originally published in December 2018.

A good blues song earns you: it starts out small, and just keeps stacking the vibe. The mid-tempo shuffle here is a great place to start, and the mojo on display is as strong as it gets.

The Blue Front Cafe in Bentonia has been serving up the real deal for as long as anyone can remember. This song was handed down from Jimmy "Duck" Holmes himself, who runs the place, which is now the oldest surviving juke joint in the state of Mississippi. Robert Connely Farr picked up this old song, and gave it a fresh shine. Let’s break it down.

First is the pocket: the drums sound live, right on the money, and that bass is so good, that you don’t hear it, but you feel it all the same. And then that piano sounds like a cranky, warped old thing: until those trill rolls over the minor third get your pulse moving. A dirty electric guitar rounds out the mix. What we have here is a blues party that lives through the years and generations as a testament to what’s good. It has always been the humanity on display, that is what the blues is - wearing your heart on your sleeve. And these boys can hold their own with the best of them.

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