Rob Simonsen began playing the piano at a young age by picking out melodies he heard in his parents’ record collection, and soon started composing for himself. “I daydreamed a lot when I was young,” he remembers. “I’d sit at the piano, and it was very much about escape: letting my mind wander, exploring.”

Simonsen’s deep habit of daydreaming is at last gratifyingly indulged on his long-awaited solo debut RÊVERIES, announced today for a September 6th release date on Sony Music Masterworks. On latest single Coeur, the acoustic piano takes the spotlight, but Simonson also develops an echoed 16-note pulse, as well as hints of a chamber-pop orchestra, away the distance. The result is a delicious tension between unctuous and stoic: opposing forces that, together, lead us gently towards catharsis. Coeur is the introspective and delicately-balanced debut single from Rob Simonsen, featuring a gorgeous combination of electronic minimalism and classical music composition.

The music video for album track Coeur was directed by Simonsen himself. This song is featured on our Ambient playlist.