The acoustic-driven strum-groove stays in front of the mix, and the lead-vocal delivery feels at once like a catharsis and an exercise in moderation. A gorgeous melody elevates the pocket, and a familiar backbeat makes the listener comfortable; the feel here is like casual advice from a friend: let it take you back to that good old toxic relationship and how you dodged a bullet.

The vocals double-up for the chorus, and Fool For You takes off like the runaway’s anthem that it is - from sanctuary to gilded cage in the flip of an emotion.

All the muscles in your neck tell me everything I wanted to know; because baby run, baby run, now is the time to go

Fool For You, the latest from Rén with the Mane, is a song about the moment you realize that freedom is just a few footsteps away - because life’s greatest drug is that of self-possession.

Fool For You’s obscure melody lines give an edge from the typical pop tune. Fool For You was recorded at Electric Lady Studios and is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.