Fresh Cloud Hop from Auckland. - Riverside: Daydream

Fresh Cloud Hop from Auckland. - Riverside: Daydream

Auckland songwriter and producer Riverside releases "Daydream" in a collaboration with vocalist Olive Amun. This bouncy groove combines elements of alternative pop, rnb, and cloud hop with the musical effect of zoning in and out of consciousness.

"Daydream" has already featured on a few high-profile Spotify editorial playlists, including New Music Friday in both Australia and New Zealand, along with Urban Flavour, currently spinning in the top 20 between Day1 and Wiz Khalifa. With just 3 songs to his name so far on a self-titled debut EP, Riverside has a fresh sound and a bright future. "Daydream" pinpoints the moment when we become lost in our own sense of imagination - a place of pure excitement, and unfettered optimism.

Take me to the place where it never stops
Feeling like that moment when it hits the drop
Fade reality to the backbeat
I got all I need in my daydream

This song is featured on our Hip Hop playlist.

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