This review was originally published in June of 2018.

With an easy folk-country sound like Jason Isbell, Riley Catherall lays down some personal thoughts about love and meeting expectations. It's one part riddle and two parts fact, and lyrically feels like a tombstone poem for a remorseful bard: here lies one watered-down man.

“Well this whiskey coat has got a man inside
he’s a-whisperin’ a weak man’s final sigh
but he’ll tell you that he’s arrived
yeah this whiskey coat has got a man inside”— Riley Catherall

Using some mystery, some classic Americana flourishes, and the honest voice of a troubled soul, when the snare shuffle drops in the moment is complete. The clean sound of an acoustic guitar is the backbone of this track, and allows the verses to flow evenly through a series of thematic pillars. It's an intriguing lyrical work of art and a shining example of modern, original Americana.

Riley Catherall is an Australian singer-songwriter living in Melbourne.