Native Wave a Poem by Marian Kilcoyne

A lilting poem about nature's perfect motion.

Native Wave a Poem by Marian Kilcoyne

Slough of stone slows

them down, sideways

descent working well.

Then hammered sand

set by tidal whim

emancipates the body and

they are warriors, shields

darned to the right. The

rhythm sets in and I hear

their steady battle prayer,

feel it in the blood, rising.

I see it in their innate

balletic run, onward toward the

wave, the cradle of the new

tribe, and what remains is the

primeval thrum.

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Cover photo courtesy of John O'Nolan.


Marian Kilcoyne

Marian is an Irish writer, widely published in the US and Europe. Her book, The Heart Uncut, is to be published Autumn 2020.


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