Comfort in Life’s Indefinite. - a Poem by Ava Lansley

Love is a blissful state of unknowing.

Comfort in Life’s Indefinite. - a Poem by Ava Lansley

Smoke, firewood crackling
a deep glow
that hums covering
every piece of you
and I huddling
close against
Midnight’s cold.

If ever anyone could say
how much that warmth
burns deeper than
a wax-dripped candle lit;
still ever so
softly stinging
because I know
this love is fleeting
as my flesh is steadfast withering
enveloped within
Winter’s breeze.

And yet, pulsing
a redness remains flushing
through every corner
of my being
coerced into a daze of adoring
you more at each
Moment’s past.

Locks falling
away from us covering
our bodies; I imagine
their brown tethers
are wreaths of flowers blooming
from under
Death’s presence.

I awaken, wondering
if earth’s coldness would
feel as lonely if I
was alone with you.

Until then, we slumber smiling
in the comfort of
Life’s Indefinite.

Until we are met
with eternity’s promises; greeting
like new Dawn’s break
this small love
will burn.

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Cover photo by Delphine Ducaruge.


Ava Lansley

Amateur Australian poet, essayist and writer. My work primarily focuses on experiences as a bisexual, sexually dominant woman. My poetic themes involve death, creation, mythology, femininism and sex.

Sydney, Australia

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