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Indie Rock / USA

Rebounder - Japanese Posters

. 1 min read . Written by Krister Axel
Rebounder - Japanese Posters

This review was originally published in March of 2018.

The main ingredient here is mystery.

I saved this track and came back to it a week later. Since then there has been quite a bit of interest from other blogs, and now that I am writing the piece for CHILLFILTR I don't know where to begin. This song reeks of both repurposed cliche and fresh instinct. I know next to nothing about the project. It's like the songwriter just tagged his idea 'made in the east village' and decided to go on vacation.

The similarity to Post Malone and Arctic Monkeys is pretty clear; and the Friday night party vibe is going to find a lot of believers.

“You’ll find her sitting in the back of the bar with a cigarette on her lips
talking to the ex-frontman of a favorite band she ain’t heard yet”— Rebounder