Billion-streaming pop-diva Kiesza teams up with Norwegian maestros Rat City for one of the year's most infectious songs. Naked (With My Headphones On) showcases a dance-friendly vibe that brings a love of music together with some personal exhibitionism.

As heard on Spotify's Happy Hits playlist, this song is already halfway to a million spins on Spotify. You might remember Kiesza from her #1 hit Hideaway a few years ago; after an unfortunate car accident in Toronto and a brain injury, she took a few years off to heal and regroup. Kiesza turned that trauma into an opportunity for self-exploration, and returns with a new creative fire and a personal commitment to putting love and vulnerability first. A glorious animated music video from Migma Studios, based on characters created by Micah Monkey, is the perfect complement to this sizzling Electro Pop jam.

Rat City was conceived by Norwegian songwriter/producers Kent and Cato Sundberg, while Lasse Michelsen joined in 2018. This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.

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