Emcee/producer duo Rashad & Confidence officially ends their eight-plus-year hiatus with smoothed-out single “Desires,” which is available now through all major DSPs, and on vinyl as a 7-inch 45. Their 2011 debut "The Element of Surprise" was met with much acclaim, and in many rap circles is considered an underground classic.

Vinyl represses of their debut album have continued to sell out throughout the years, and dead-stock copies have even sold for over $100 on eBay. The album cut, “Brand New” has amassed over 350k streams to date, and has been featured on over 100 different playlists, among them the 'Best Hip-Hop of All Time' which has close to 16k followers. On “Desires,” Rashad spits thoughtful and relatable verses about the obstacles and struggles that he faces, as he continues to work toward his dreams. On the boards, Confidence brings his trademark blend of grit and soul to provide his rapping counterpart with the perfect boom-bap backdrop. With a prominent hook on piano and an enduring message of hope in the face of adversity, this return to the former glory of Rashad & Confidence brings a renewed sense of honesty to the flavors of hip-hop, by keeping it real about the pressures of modern life, and the inevitable conclusion that cash is king in a world of impermanence.

Cash is king in this world
everything else secondary

"Desires" is out now via Ill Adrenaline Records. This song is featured on our Conscious Hip Hop playlist.

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