Ralph Seegobin had been suffering from severe depression and sleepless nights in the days leading up to his 31st birthday. After struggling with a sense that his life was not where it was supposed to be, he wrote this song as a poignant and sincere form of self-encouragement.

The truth is we don’t why we have the thoughts we have - we can’t control the world, despite our best efforts. Growing up can often be the process of coming to terms with a dream-life disparity: in the timeline of a restless mind, we soon find that we are not moving at the pace we envisioned. With his new single 31, Ralph Seegobin creates a peaceful and authentic space to emote through the first decade of adulthood. An acoustic guitar, a smooth lead vocal, and a folk-pop production-sense all come together to present the worthy alchemy of how a boy becomes a man.

No, it’s not the view I thought I’d see, it’s not the view at all, but it’s exactly where I’m supposed to be.

This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.