With an easy flow between deep rock-flavor for the hook, and a more dynamic pulse-driven verse, Raised On TV build another radio-friendly single with their trio-based chemistry. Caroline, the latest from these LA-based indie-rockers, is a shot right down the middle of youthful self-possession.

Sometimes we want something so badly, we don’t care about the consequences. Like we fall in love with the infatuation; the problem is, true love can start in exactly that way. So love itself is a form of blindness.

Please shine a light, help me to see through my own disguise

The riff-making might remind you a bit of Spoon, as well as the solid production-sense. Caroline is a mid-tempo grab-bag of high-energy drums, heavy lead-guitar, and a sharp melodic tendency towards the plaintive, lyrical center. It feels like that moment of half-light, before anything is decided, when everything is still perfect.

I was looking for you so long, I'm not sure if I am dreaming

The Los Angeles based rock trio Raised on TV is in the midst of creating their second full-length album and has recently released Caroline, the first single from Season 2. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.