This review was originally published in March of 2018.

So that intro could be Latin Playboys. The first verse is clearly Rusted Root; but the sensibility is Modest Mouse. And something about the writing, the easy falsetto, the clean electric and the boomy kit, reminds me of Paulo Nutini. It's a pile of references and some orgasmic production, but what makes it worth listening to is not the deep production budget. It's the voice of the narrator. It's a messy catharsis and a good time, some tough love and some hard truth.

“You don’t call
You don’t write
You know I’ve been up for forty days and forty nights
and all my fears have multiplied
By the silence in your eyes”— Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Rainbow Kitten Surprise release Hide, the third track off their label debut HOW TO: FRIEND, LOVE, FREEFALL, which arrives everywhere Friday, April 6th. Tour dates are on the website; roughly speaking, east coast in April, west coast in May.