Jay Clemens, who performs as Raconteur, is an up-and-coming Conscious Rapper from Greater London, with a talent for heartfelt self-expression and raw truth-telling. With a confessional, low-key style of lyrical flow, his vision of the world will surprise you with stark imagery, emotional vulnerability, and a relatable sense of uneasiness with a modern society that is steeped in cognitive dissonance.

On the back of a mellow hook on the acoustic piano, "Nagging Feeling" explores the fragile space between young idealist and mature peacemaker that we must all navigate, and delivers a message of personal resilience in the face of mass confusion. With regular spins from Chuck D on his radio show 'When Ya Don't Stop,' and close to half a million channel views each on YouTube and Soundcloud, Raconteur has created a name for himself in the process of exploring his own feelings about success, corporatism, and self-identity. His story should come as an inspiration to anyone that is dissatisfied with the facts of their own life. With nothing but a sense of responsibility for being the change that he wanted to see in the world, Clemens decided to seek out a capable producer and bring his vision to life of a thematically complex, stylistically distinguished hip hop, offered as an antidote to the deterioration of the mainstream scene. His sound is fresh, eye-opening, and deeply poetic.

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