Growing up in London in the 2000’s, Prime Sinister was exposed to music that would change the course of his life. Consuming albums from Nas’ Illmatic to Dizzee Rascal’s Boy In Da Corner, and encountering the music of the UK underground, Prime Sinister studied the greatest albums in hip hop, and is ready to reveal the genre's true hidden potential, by ushering hip-hop writing into the next stage of its evolution as an intricate, intellectual art form.

Prime Sinister's second album, 'Patient Zero' is out now, and was produced by Baileys Brown, Leaf Dog, Badhabitz, Illinformed, Muckaniks, Chemo, GhostTown, Sean Peng, Morriarchi, Harvey Gunn and Farmabeats - with each of these innovators bringing their own fire to the album. Latest track 'Prime Time,' and the entire album, features a new style of rhyming called Syllablism, and is set in an alternative universe called 'Rage' in which anything is possible, however intangible or conceptual. Prime Sinister crafts songs in which words, lines, and verses are not only interconnected - but for the first time - symmetrical. 'Syllablism' can be more simply defined as the consecutive use of rhyming syllable patterns; however, as the performance unfolds, there is an added element of complexity. The words arrange themselves into a sequence – syllable families, reunited to tell stories of a dystopia, expanding themselves naturally into verses. Prime Sinister has turned the very act of making an album in a singular, experimental style, which is unique for hip-hop. Prime Time was produced by world-class production maestro Muckaniks, and features a gripping piano track and modern-sounding drums. Prime Sinister's sound is fresh, hard-hitting, and lyrically dense, while the music video features a gritty style of animation by Fadly Diputra.

Prime Sinister, is a 23-year-old British-Pakistani Londoner, who, while studying to become a journalist, doubles as a full-blown musical revolutionary. This song is featured on our Conscious Hip Hop playlist.