After her first on-stage performance, a then-14-year-old Peyton Stilling decides to play music for the rest of her life. Four years later, Peyton is finding her folk-pop personality in the vein of Norah Jones, Carole King, and John Mayer, by singing from the heart about what matters most: life, love, and family.

After her mother’s cancer diagnosis, young Peyton leaned on the power of music to pull her through. Now, she hopes to create that uplifting force for someone else, through the power of storytelling, and emotional honesty. On her new single High, we break down the anxiety of a relationship-gone-wrong, and together we arrive at the necessary catharsis that some bonds were meant to be broken. Set to a bouncy acoustic drum groove, this self-affirming track is a happy minute getting back in touch with the rebel in your heart that cannot be contained.

You were always threatened by the things that I achieved
I don't need to bother with no insecurities

Peyton Stilling is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter from Plano, Texas who was an avid poet before she ever strummed a chord. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.