Grammy-nominated Paul Haslinger, once a member of Tangerine Dream, makes a left turn with his solo material, moving into organic, ambient territory with a nod to Colin Stetson. "Undertow" is the latest single from 'Exit Ghost,' which comes out next month.

Haslinger is an artist who knows both how to build tension and illustrate a wide range of emotion, with an eye for engaging melody and a need to continuously explore the unfamiliar. His successful career as a TV and film soundtrack composer lays the foundation for his continued success as a solo artist. 'Exit Ghost' is his long thought-out opus: a moment caught in time that takes an ethereal excursion through different musical genres, intricate sounds, and a diversified rhythmic palette. Created over the span of eight years and filled with literary and personal references, the album is a testament to the search for artistic fulfillment and the sense that a creator's work is never done. Haslinger puts it succinctly: "Finding the core of your own story can be the most difficult task of all."

Fans of Colin Stetson take note: "Exit Ghost" is out on new label Artificial Instinct on February 7th. This song is featured on our Ambient playlist.

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