Upbeat Indie Pop from Berlin. - Parcels: Live From Hansa Studios, Berlin (Vol. 1) [Music Video]

Upbeat Indie Pop from Berlin. - Parcels: Live From Hansa Studios, Berlin (Vol. 1) [Music Video]

Australian-born, Berlin-based Parcels just announced the release of an in-studio live album, "Live Vol. 1," out now via Kitsuné Musique/Because Music. Recorded live on tape and mixed on a hardware console at the legendary Hansa Studio in Berlin, Live Vol. 1’s 18 songs feature everything fans love about Parcels: sticky melodies, effortless vocal harmony, and an uplifting sense of groove.

Filled to the brim with the band’s hit songs, Vol. 1 features an impressive, near-perfect live feel, and the gloriously experimental transitions that give their live performances such a unique touch. With millions of listeners - from Paris, to Mexico City, Sydney, and Istanbul - Parcels's combination of jazz, rock, and upbeat pop has resonated with fans of organic music the world over.

The video’s director, Carmen Crommelin, had this to say about the experience: "The magic of Parcels needs no added narrative if you’re lucky enough to witness them in creation. I wanted the camera to be both passive and intimate, so you could politely observe from a distance and walk through the room like a friend."

Jules Crommelin, Noah Hill, Louie Swain, Patrick Hetherington and Anatole Serret — all of them singers and multi-instrumentalists — are ambitious, dedicated virtuosos, and their collective talent and passion for music is plain to see. This hour-long performance takes the listener through a generous helping of live favorites, with intense and intricate performances all around. "Live Vol. 1" is a testament to the power of human ability: this 5-piece indie-pop powerhouse band is at the top of their game, and it shows.

Available on vinyl here.

The track list:

00:15 Enter
03:15 Myenemy
06:45 Bemyself
11:13 Comedown
14:53 Lightenup
19:48 Gamesofluck
23:26 Intrude
24:22 Withorwithout
29:04 Retuned
29:49 Everyroad
37:40 Overnight
41:38 Untried
43:05 Yourfault
47:37 Closetowhy
51:46 Redline
54:44 IknowhowIfeel
57:39 Elude
01:00:39 Tieduprightnow

This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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